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Do you often feel like you are being stretched in many directions and want to have more balance & clarity in your life?

Would you like to increase your attention, compassion, and resilience?

Would you like to develop a regular meditation practice, but don’t know how to make
the time?

The 30 Days of Mindful Living includes 30 days of daily practices, weekly videos, meditation audios, LIVE Group Coaching Calls, and much MORE. You will learn how to reset your mind, heart, and body with a consistent daily routine of focus, heart, and flow. The practice of meditation has many mental and physiological benefits, but that is just scratching the surface. The deeper aspect of meditation and mindfulness is that it connects you to something greater, inspired purpose. These 30 days will allow you step in and step up with actions that are aligned with supporting you, the relationships in your life, and the planet to thrive.

Numerous research studies have found that a regular meditation practice has many benefits:

  • Increased focus and concentration
  • Aids in long term weight loss
  • Increase in positive emotions
  • Improves resilience to stress
  • Enhances emotional intelligence
  • Lowers anxiety and depression
  • Promotes creativity and innovation

Savor Your Life Cd

Mindfully Nourished Digital Course

This two hour cd is designed to teach mindful attention and relaxation that you can apply at home or at work, to improve your health and your relationships. The CD’s sampling of wellness practices includes: Mindfulness foundations (breathing, body, and feelings)

  • Mindful eating
  • Mindful walking in nature
  • Mindful work meditations
  • Lovingkindness

Price- $20

“Savor Your Life is an excellent practical guide that offers simple effective mindfulness practices for reducing stress and being more present for your life.”

James Baraz, A Founding teacher of Spirit Rock Meditation Center and co-author of Awakening Joy


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Mindfulness of Nature
Flavors of Anger
Mindfulness of Technology


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