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Do you want to live a fully nourished life that you love? YES! 

Are you tired of being caught in self-destructive patterns and want to claim your power?

Do you feel tired of all the “doing” and know that a slower pace of life is what you need to flourish?

I am so glad you are here.  I have felt all these things too and have gone through and come out the other side.  Most would consider me an encyclopedia of knowledge on the mind, body, and heart, but I didn’t always have the tools.  I found yoga and meditation at the age of 19.  Since then I have been studying, practicing and growing my knowledge in the applications of neuroscience, somatic experiencing, buddhist psychology, behavior change, nutrition, relationships, and leadership for 15+ years. I work under the umbrella of executive life coach, but blend my training as a psychotherapist, meditation teacher, integrative medicine nerd, and change agent into my work as a coach.  My specialities are supporting my clients in their career, well being, and love and relationships.  

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I am 100% committed to guiding and supporting you in the most resourced and loving way possible.  

I observe my clients accomplishing profound change in our work together.  My clients and I work as a team where we both invest equally to ensure success and growth.  Most of my clients call me “a one stop shop soul coach“.  I inspire and shift negative patterns with an integrative approach of the mind, body, heart for work and home.   

My style is warm, interactive, compassionate, and direct.  It is my belief that each client has within them the knowledge and power to heal and grow.  My role is to help facilitate the discovery with resources, support, and tools.

14 things that lead me to this work

  • I have a high value for personal growth.   I set intentions for myself 3x a year and then align my actions behind those intentions.  I have learned to be a powerful manifestor when I commit to what I want.
  • I have spent almost 20 years of my life practicing and studying Buddhism and the mind.  I am a graduate of Spirit Rock Meditation Centers 2 year Dedicated Practitioners Program.  
  • I have have had a yoga practice since I was 19 years old and am  a certified vinyasa yoga teacher.
  • I hold certifications in mindfulness based cognitive therapy (MBCT), mindfulness based eating awareness (MBEAT), and teach professional trainings on mindfulness for health professionals.
  • I have studied psychology, coaching, behavior change, neuroscience, happiness, buddhism, the science of relationships and attachment theory, and food as medicine.
  • I went through the Gottman Method training to support and counsel those in the aim of cultivating healthy, loving, and lasting relationships.
  • I am a research nerd and have been a lead consultant on several studies observing the long term benefits of mindfulness as it relates to weight loss, eating, stress resiliency, and well being.
  • I am innately a teacher and have developed scientific evidence based large scale corporate wellness programs, consulted on  research interventions, lead and developed weeklong and daylong meditation retreats, and have created several academic courses at Stanford University & UC Berkeley. I teach on the subjects of Happiness, Food as Medicine, Health Psychology, Integrating Mindfulness into your Professional Practice, and Mindful Nourishment at Stanford University.
  • I am an author and regularly contribute on the subjects of mindfulness and well being for Mindful magazine among other relevant blogs.
  • I am a change agent and feel passionate about supporting work places to lead consciously and create positive impact in the world. I have worked as a well being consultant creating large scale well being programs for worksites such as LinkedIn, Pixar, Bank of the West, etc.
  • I grew up with Jewish grandparents who were caterers and owned grocery stores who shared with me their love of cooking and food.  As a result, I developed an interest in nutrition, the psychology of eating, cooking and the healing aspects of food which I share with my clients and students in my courses and coaching.
  • I worked with cancer patients for over six years while pursuing my masters degree in Health Psychology.  During graduate school, I developed an exercise and stress management intervention to enhance the quality of life in cancer patients.  This experience showed me how fragile life is and taught me the practices of gratitude and forgiveness.
  • I have completed over 3,000 supervised hours conducting group and individual psychotherapy.  At the same time I was receiving supervision as a life coach.   I decided I like life coaching better, and weave in my training and experience as a psychotherapist to support deeper work with my clients.  I have successfully coached thousands of clients in how to access the greatest possibility for their lives.
  • I was voted one of the best life coaches in the San Francisco Bay Area in 2016.  Yes!


What is my special sauce?


I find that all my clients initially come to me from a place of imbalance.   In our busy society, we are struggling to keep up with the “busy” pace of life. As a result, we are depleted and stuck in some unhealthy patterns that don’t serve us. When our minds, hearts, and bodies are not in balance, we can’t access our greatest potential at work or home.

I feel the most important skill for real change to occur is self awareness. With the ability to see ourselves clearly, our patterns, and what is or is not serving us, we can change, heal, and grow. I integrate my deep understanding of the mind, body, and heart with scientific evidence based tools and mindful practices that inspire growth and sustainable transformation.

I help my clients to tune into what really matters by re-aligning the mind, body, and heart. When balance is present, one can lead an inspired, conscious, and amazing life.

I look forward to supporting you to live a fully nourished life that you love.

With love,


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