Discovering the Buddha Within You

March 10th, 2018 ~ James Baraz & Carley Hauck – Discovering the Buddha Within You

When we say, “I take refuge in the Buddha,” we acknowledge that within us is the seed of wisdom and goodness that flowers as the awakened heart. In order to help this seed fully blossom, we need to embrace to all parts of ourselves, including those aspects that are difficult to accept. Then we can access the clarity and kindness that is our true nature. We find courage to live authentically as we learn to hear that voice of truth within. In doing so, we learn to express our gifts, show up fully and make a positive impact in the world.

This daylong will use periods of silent time, journaling, embodied movement, and role-playing to access the Buddha inside and express it clearly with more confidence and power.

Integrating Mindfulness into Professional Practice

December 9th, 2017 ~ UC Berkeley ~ Professional Training – Integrating Mindfulness into Professional Practice

Discover easy and practical ways to integrate mindfulness into your work with clients, individually or in groups. Learn how mindfulness can support greater well-being, emotional intelligence, less anxiety, depression, emotional outbursts, & addictive tendencies. Immerse yourself in an inside-out day learning environment where you cultivate and experience mindfulness practices for your personal life and professional work. Learn through didactic instruction, journaling, experiential exercises such as mindful walking, eating, and a variety of evidence-based tools and practices.

Resilience for Clinicians

November 11th ~ UC Berkeley ~ Promoting Resilience in Your Professional Practice

Where do adults find the inner strength necessary to propel themselves forward on the path of life, regardless of setbacks, stressors and constant change? The answer can be found in resilience. How you greet and embrace the challenges in life can make all the difference in who you become. Where it comes from—and how to acquire more of it—is the essence of this professional training. In this one-day workshop, you learn practical skills to help you support clients facing various physical and emotional challenges (e.g., eating disorders, mood disorders, adolescence and chemical dependency) and help them move from a rigid to a more resilient mindset. Through a review of case studies and experiential exercises, you learn strategies to develop sustainable practices.