3 Ways to Battle Burnout and Become a More Mindful Leader

Too many leaders feel the need to produce constantly, and the resulting burnout is bad for us, our jobs and our relationships. This corporate well-being consultant thinks a simple mindset shift can help.

Anne is a leader in a large technology firm. She and I have a longstanding coaching relationship, and she comes in when she needs extra guidance or support. When she called me this time, she said, “Carley, I have been diagnosed with breast cancer.”

When Anne came to me with this news, I helped her make some wise and quick treatment decisions, but it felt imperative that we also speak about her well-being. I knew from working with Anne that she is a driven “go getter.” We often spoke about how she tended to push herself too hard by working 10 to 12 hours on top of a long commute and how she needed more sleep, exercise, healthy eating, and breaks.… READ MORE...