How to be courageous in relationship

“A true relationship is two imperfect people unwilling to give up on each other.”

It’s a profound—and paradoxical—truth that courage isn’t really courage at all unless there’s some fear attached to it. It is the holiday season and at this time of year, we often have more interaction with friends and family whom we may not connect with as much. Therefore, when our way of being and views is different than others, this can create conflict and challenge, and thus a loss in connection. This post will share with you how to lean in and be courageous to establish closer relationships with loved ones this holiday season and New Year.

Even though most of us deeply want more feelings of connection and intimacy, we do a lot of safe guarding because of fear.

We typically have two main fears in relationship:
1) suffocation
2) abandonment

Most of us fear love as much as we want love.… READ MORE...