"Mindfulness is the first step to wellness."

Mindfulness, like a centered stone in a gently flowing stream, lies at the heart of all the programs offered by Living Well Awake.

Wellness at work

At work, Living Well Awake’s corporate consulting and targeted program design promotes self-awareness, health, work-life balance, emotional intelligence, stress resiliency and team building.

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Meeting your life goals

Living Well Awake’s integrative life coaching helps individuals reach their personal and professional goals — in months, not years — with a focus on the whole person.

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The power of learning together

Living Well Awake’s comprehensive programs and retreats focus on integrating the wisdom of the mind, heart, and body so that one can bring their full selves to work and home.

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Whether questions arise in the workplace, in relationships with friends and family, or at the dinner table, learning mindfulness fosters inner wisdom, growth and change. All of our programs are built on a foundation of evidence based academic and medical research.

Living Well Awake services and programs help people to become happier, healthier, and more connected to the people in their lives.