Work Life Balance

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When I speak to people about health and wellness, I always here this striving for work life balance.

The desire for balance is healthy and natural.  Our bodies perform best when we have a sense of homeostasis and equilbrium.  Just as our bodies enjoy balance so do we in our external environments.  We perform best and feel most satisfied when there is a sense of work, personal life, and family/community balance.  What this work life balance looks like is unique to each of us.  One of the ways, that we can create more of this balance is by giving ourselves more time and peace.

There are ways that we can do this while at work and out of work.  Sometimes these simple moments where we confidently open to difficult circumstances rather than feel rushed, inconvenienced, or anxious— can make all the difference in the world.

At work
, there are many distasteful experiences that we tend to resist.   But the art of sitting still teaches us that when we resist—when we hold on and tense up and hold in—we only make matters worse.  We do have a choice in how we react and sometimes that choice is just opening up and letting go.  Letting go and opening to our workplace, with all its rewards, difficulties, and challenges, is the sane and confident thing to do.  By opening to our experience and even looking for what we can appreciate in that moment—we can create a more joyful workplace.

At home, your practice might be as simple as turning off the radio, the phone, the computer, and/or the TV; sit comfortably in a quiet place, relaxing the body and mind; mindfully breathe in, mindfully breathe out. As you do this successfully for several moments in a row, you will find the mind gradually becoming more tranquil, more focused, more clear, and more powerful. The Buddha might have said: “I know of no single thing healthier than doing one thing at a time.”
The openness and confidence we cultivate in meditation allows us to be available in our work and home life.  We don’t rush through firing someone because we are uncomfortable; we don’t throw a tantrum because our BlackBerry is on the fritz and won’t display our favorite icons. We don’t ignore inconvenient business facts so that we can recklessly present an upbeat public relations picture or feel overburdened by the needs of families or friends.  By taking more time for ourselves and grounding ourselves in meditation, we can react to many aspects of our lives with more calmness and openness.  We can be realistic about our lives— receptive to anything and everything that occurs.

Some ways we can create a deeper awareness and balance in our lives is to engage in mindfulness based classes, personal practice, sangha, or find a mindfulness based coach who can teach you how to create mindfulness strategies that work for your  everyday life.

Intuitive Wellness offers walking meditation for groups, mindful weight management, and mindfulness based coaching to support you in your desire for more work life balance.