What We Love, We Should Protect

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What We Love, We Should Protect

How a mindful approach to consumption can help us bridge the gap between individual efforts toward the environment and the bigger picture.

The subject of mindfulness, as it relates to climate change, may be the most important and timely practice of our times. Thich Nhat Hanh writes in his book, The World We Have: A Buddhist Approach to Peace and Ecology, “The situation the Earth is in today has been created by unmindful production and unmindful consumption. We consume to forget our worries and our anxieties. Tranquilizing ourselves with over-consumption is not the way.”

Every fall and spring, I teach on the topic of mindful nourishment at Stanford University. I developed this curriculum nine years ago and have researched it, taught it at worksites, online, and in academia. Within this class, I teach the foundations of mindfulness—to live a fully nourished life at work and at home. The class encourages practices that enable students to focus on how they are nurturing their minds, bodies, relationships, and hearts.

Carley is a guest blogger on Mindful.org.


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