Online Programs

Living Well Awake invites you to participate in our online programs full of amazing practices, tools, classes and curriculum, and community which can now be accessed internationally. We look forward to supporting you to be your most healthy, empowered, and vibrant.

These 3 programs integrate the core foundations of all of Living Well Awake programs:

  • Mindfulness– Mindfulness is simply bringing ones complete attention to the present experience on a moment-to-moment basis. This practice allows one to recognize ones behavior and make skillful and appropriate responses for health, improved relationships & happiness.
  • Well being– A Mind-Body-Spirit focus integrates practices and education in the fields of neuroscience, buddhist psychology, happiness, health/nutrition, and behavior change.
  • Evidence base– All programs and courses rely on the most recent and applicable research for transformative growth and empowerment.


The Blooming Lotus group is a year-long program aimed to support self awareness, confidence, ignite self-love, nurture well being, authenticity, and transformation.

There will be learning, accountability, intimate connections, new tools and practices, supportive community, and coaching with Carley. The private forum offers easy access to the community and practices on a daily basis. Additionally, there are 12 monthly calls and lots of bonuses. This course has ended, please check back for another offering.
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This interactive 9 week LIVE online course will serve as your guide and support in you rediscovering a healthy and compassionate relationship to your mind, your body, your relationships, and your life so that you can really shift and create the life you want.   This course is offered 1x a year.

Drawing on recent research in the fields of integrative medicine, positive psychology, mindfulness, nutrition, and behavior change, Carley integrates her experiences as a life coach, research consultant, and long time practitioner and teacher of mindfulness & well being in the Mindfully Nourished online course. This course and curriculum was developed over 10 years ago and Carley has been teaching it all over the country for the last 10 years and annually at Stanford University and in worksites.  She is making this curriculum available to all in this accessible and engaging online course.  The course is infused with expert speaker interviews in the fields of positive psychology, integrative medicine, mindfulness, and happiness.

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The mastery class is a special offering for those who have completed Mindfully Nourished and/or ready for the next level and want to manifest something BIG in their lives. This may be changing your relationship with food, big love, changing gears in your career so that you are fully aligned with your purpose, loving yourself like you never have before, etc. The course is limited to 10 students, there is more coaching, more time for reflection/practice, a strong committed group, and an in person daylong.

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