Five Tips to Soak up Your Summer

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In the summer time, I find that I want to spend more time outside, enjoy more moments of pause and play.  In our efforts to feel the spaciousness that summer can bring, sometimes we need to simplify our life.  Here are five helpful tips!

1.) Rise with the Sun! 

Waking up when the Sun is high in the sky can help us to have more energy in the day.  I know its tempting to hit the snooze button, but see if you can challenge yourself to get up a litlte earlier.  Give yourself a little more time to move into your day and start with some early am stretching and/or meditation.  You can create an altar or space specifically for stretching and/or meditation in the mornings, make it your own so it feels special.

Since my early twenties, I start every morning off with a small yoga practice and some meditation to clear my mind, warm up my body, and prepare myself for my day.  Its a very sweet start to the day.  

2. Enjoy Nature

  • Enjoy a Meal Outside 
  • Exercise Outside (hike, bike, swim, tennis, etc.)
  • Gardening
  • Spend time with your children outside and engage them in the beauty and wonder of nature.  (Kids can often be plugged into technology too and its important that we allow them to experience and understand how landscapes are formed, how plants grow and so on.  This should be a part of their education, so that they can grow up to be sustainability conscious no matter what area of business they venture into.

The future will be in the hands of our children, so let us teach them well.  

3. Eat Light

In the summer time, we can wear less clothing, move more, and eat lighter.  The season of summer is very conducive to eating lots of fruits and veggies and less starchy and processed foods.  Certain foods such as salt, meat, and dairy cause the body to contract.   Stress also causes a contraction or tightening.   When the body is too tight, it can’t function properly (circulation slows down, elimination of waste comes to a standstill). Foods like sugar, caffeine, and alcohol cause the body to expand in the bodys attempt to regain balance.  Illness occurs when our bodies are too acidic and restoring our acid/alkaline balance is essential.

Here are some tips in how to move your body into a more balanced way of eating.

  • Eat til you are 80% full, leaving 20% available for digesting.
  •  80% of the food on your plate should be land and/or ocean vegetables
  • The remaining 20% can be protein or grains and starchy veggies. 


  • 20%- Softly scrambled eggs ( 2 whites, 1 yolk)
  • 80% with sauteed kale and onions and vegetables
  • Green Tea
  • 4 oz young coconut kefir

 4. Create a Tech Break 

We all know by this point, that we are addicted to technology.  We can check our email from anywhere even our beds these days.  Research proves that our brains actually give off small doses of dopamine when a new email or message comes to us from our smart phones or computers.  It is important to create self imposed technology breaks so that we can come into stillness and connect with others and the outside world.  Wouldn’t it be nice to have a conservation with someone and there is no smart phone in sight?  You can do it, I promise and here are tips on how.

  • Check your email 2-3x a day for a specific amount of time, thats it.
  • Wait until important projects are finished first before opening your email box.
  • Set a time at the end of the day for unplugging and then stick to it.
  • Allow 2 hours before bed with no technology.
  • Take a full tech break every week to unplug.

I invite you to try a few different tactics and create a system that works for you.  Once you create this, you will notice how much more vibrant, relaxed, and tuned into yourself you feel! 

For a helpful support in creating tech breaks, the 90 minute Savor Your Life CD has easy mindfulness practices you can incorporate for your health, work, and home life.

You can also check out the 14 day FREE trial of Stillness Buddy, an app for your desktop that helps you to create more pause in your day.

5. Bring in Abundance

We always want we don’t have right?  If my hair was curly, I would want it straight.  If I was relaxing, I might then feel bored and want something to do.  This constant wanting can often be called in Buddhist terms “Samsara” and it is endless.  Lets try a meditation that you can incorporate to stop the wheel of wanting.

Abundance Meditation

Find a comfortable position and close your eyes.  Bring your awareness to your breath and breathe in and out.  Think of something you want, something you really want, bring an image to mind.  Notice how you feel in your body, your mind, and take a breath.  Tune into this moment, what is here in your actual experience that you can appreciate.  It might be that you are alive, healthy, loved ones you are close to, notice how this feels.  Notice the difference.  Now bring your awareness to your breath and open your eyes.

Abundance is right here.  Everytime you notice that you are hooked by something, just know this is what the mind does, but then see what you do have.

Once we believe that there is something outside of ourselves that is going to make us happy, we are stuck in desire.  What we want always changes, but what is more lasting is our relationship with ourself, others, and the world.  Happiness is an inside job and once you can connect to what you do have and fully receive this, abundance is always here for you to have.

Practice this

Before you get out of bed, when your body and mind are still in a meditative place, spend 1-2 minutes receiving what you do have in your life and start your day off in this way.  See if it makes a difference and if it does I would love to hear about it.

I hope these 5 tips will help you to have a happy and joyful summer!