The Science of Well Being at Work

A Flourishing Culture at Work

How important is creating a culture of resilience and well being at work?

Huge. It can be the difference between a flourishing or withering organization. Occupational health is defined as the promotion and maintenance of the highest degree of physical, mental, and social well being of workers.

For an organization to flourish, it needs a few things: healthy and engaged employees vs. those who show up to work sick or burned out (aka- presenteeism), less turnover and more retention, and lastly more collaboration vs. isolation and overwhelm.

Comprehensive and tailored well being programs focused on mindfulness, resilience, and emotional intelligence have been researched for years.

Our programs offer real results!

Research Findings

Participants (200) team members of all rank and status recruited from a large financial organization. The team members selected to join the program were self selected and applied to be in the program. Participants of the program showed a high level of commitment and motivation to participate based on their application.   The participants were offered the mindful nourishment or flourish program depending on their work location. Team members completed a pre and post assessment of 30 questions chosen to evaluate and measure mindfulness, resilience, emotional intelligence, compassion, days of meditation, emotional well being, work life balance, decision making, physical health, etc. The results were collected and found statistical significance in the following:

Participants significantly increased:

  • 26% increase in meditating everyday (avg. 2 more days a week)
  • 20% increase in redirecting attention and increased focus
  • 18% increase in effective decision making
  • 23% increase in coping with difficult emotions
  • 18% increase in work life balance
  • 25% increase in stress resiliency

96% of these participants report that the well being programs promoted greater work life satisfaction, happiness, and performance at work.  

In addition to the quantitative data, we heard several powerful testimonials.

  • “ After 3 weeks, I noticed that team members on my team were kinder to one another.”
  • “ This course changed my life. I never realized how hard I was on myself and as a result everyone else around me. I have learned how to be kind to my inner critic and lead myself and others with more compassion”
  • “ I can now be mindful of my emotions and let them pass versus being afraid of showing or feeling them.”
  • ” I used to think of meditation as an indulgence, now I realize it is a necessity for me to thrive at work and home.”

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