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Carley Hauck is a leading mindfulness and well being expert and an inspiring speaker. She offers important insights about how businesses and communities can develop and promote well-being, resilience, emotional intelligence, and greater contentment at work and home.   Below are some of the amazing public classes, retreats, and professional trainings you can participate in and join!

2017 Current Schedule

Lead with Compassion

February 21st, 2017

UC Berkeley Haas School of Business


The Resilient Spirit: a seminar to live life fully and fearlessly!

A constant in life is change and we never know when or what is going to evolve.  How we greet set backs and difficulty can make all the difference in who we become in this life. Resilience is the ability to bounce back with greater wisdom, compassion, and capacity. Resilience is something we can learn and is forecasted to be one of the most important qualities to cultivate in the next decade. The evidence based qualities that support resilience are: right mindset, emotional intelligence, compassion, health & well being, and courage. In this seminar, you will learn to grow two of these resilient qualities, right mindset and courage. Right mind set allows one to find the lotus in the muck and courage supports one to align their life and actions around what really matters. Resilience is needed in our communities, organizations and individually at this important time in the world. During this seminar, learn how to cultivate a resilient spirit through experiential practices, dyads, journaling, and discussion. You will leave this seminar with the tools to greet change and difficulty with grace and strength at work and home.

February 28th, 2017

April 11th, 2017

June 8th, 2017

Stanford University


James H. Clark Center, 3rd floor

UC Berkeley

Integrating mindfulness into your professional practice

Discover easy and practical ways to integrate mindfulness into your work with clients, individually or in groups. Learn how mindfulness can support greater well-being, emotional intelligence, less anxiety, depression, emotional outbursts, & addictive tendencies. Immerse yourself in an inside-out day learning environment where you cultivate and experience mindfulness practices for your personal life and professional work as a mental health counselor, coach, psychologist, psychiatrist, and/or helping professional. Learn through didactic instruction, journaling, experiential exercises such as mindful walking, eating, and a variety of evidence-based tools and practices.  Join us for a restorative and uplifting professional training and day.

June 10th, 2017

UC Berkeley Extension

1995 University Ave, Berkeley, CA


CEUS 0.7

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Conscious Leadership Retreat 

A week of authenticity, wise leadership, and well-being for men and women

Jan 15th-20th, 2017

If learning together at home is fun and empowering, imagine the delight and transformational power of a week of yoga, meditation, community, quiet, play, transformational workshops, sea, and sunshine – all in a comfortable eco lodge resort setting on a secluded beach in Mexico. Well, let me tell you its paradise. With the added time to focus, participants can settle in, slow down, relax and learn the foundations of authentic leadership and well being for their whole life. Like the slow food movement, retreats encourage participants to give up the bustle of daily life to turn towards what really matters and then bring that back with them into the world.

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