Linda Lockwood Wealth Management HR Business Partner, Bank of the West

Carley is a breath of fresh air. Our company has been increasingly focused on how to offer a large scale Wellness Program to our diverse population. The discovery of Intuitive Wellness and Carley’s ability to take the demanding, fast paced world around us and reduce it to a moment in time – that if mindfully considered – can support team members to incrementally change – has been met with overwhelming interest and participation. Her gentle approach and tailored, evidence based topics are delivered by a passionate, driven academic in the Wellness space. Team members simply say – “we want more seminars, more classes, more Carley, we want Wellness!”

Maggie Ziomek Broker Associate, Hill & Co. Real Estate

Mindfulness Walking started out as a luxury for me: 90 minutes, once a week to literally slow down, take a breath and walk in a beautiful San Francisco setting. After six weeks, mindful walking became a new, healthy habit. Thank you, Carley!

Carol Fine

The Mindful Eating class was so helpful to me! I not only took off 12 pounds during the 10 weeks I attended the class. I have kept if off and lost another 8 pounds. Carley helped me manage cravings, recognize emotional eating, increase my fitness level and eat more healthfully. These are tools I intend to keep with me for a long time.

Sam Jones
Carley combines a warm, genuine approach with the substance to get results. Filled with facts, her academic background shines through as she combines all that she’s learned with a charming, persuasive demeanor.
Brian Smith Assistant Vice President and Dean of Learning, Virtua, Inc.

Carley is passionate about corporate wellness, and specifically mindfulness. My team was planning a week-long leadership retreat for twelve of our most senior employees. Wellness, an often-neglected component, was going to be an integral part of this retreat. I needed a facilitator who had the knowledge, credibility, and demeanor to “break through” with a group of potentially skeptical executives. Carley helped our executives understand the concept of mindfulness and taught them techniques for applying it in everyday life. I feel privileged to recommend Carley Hauck for any of your workplace wellness needs.

Ruth D.
I took the Mindful Eating class to help me prepare my body for getting pregnant. Carley was wonderful! She gave me the tools to make positive changes. I lost a little weight and some body fat, but the best part was that I was taking care of myself and feeling good again.  I am now 6 months pregnant and know I will keep up these good habits for me and my baby.
Nancy Bronstein
I am a huge fan of Carley Hauck and the Mindfulness Walking program that she designed. This is an amazing program taught by a wise and gracious woman. With Carley’s gentle guidance, I was able to clear my mind, let negativity subside and embrace the simplicity and beauty of the time. I found the hour physically relaxing and emotionally empowering.
Liz D.

I’ve worked with a number of different nutritionists, personal trainers, doctors, and therapists over the years to try to address my health and weight problems. Carley is the first and only one who has truly considered the whole package – food, exercise, mood, energy, psychological health and well being, and the mental and emotional reasons behind behavior. Her flexibility in supporting me despite an extremely hectic life was always very much appreciated. I can’t thank her enough for her help. 

Nancy Alpert
Carley is a one-stop body, mind and soul coach. She works on all levels. Carley’s positivity radiates through her insights and encouragement.
Bel Russel

I met Carley during one of the most difficult periods in my professional life. I have to say she was inspiring, and her careful, methodical approach to coping with stress was fantastic. She is a wonderful asset to the profession and I recommend her to anyone.

Jenny H.
I first crossed paths with Carley four years ago during one of her walking meditation courses.  The tools I learned for mindfulness and lovingkindness have stayed with me and helped me appreciate the balance of life. Several months ago when I needed support through some challenging transitions I turned to Carley for life coaching.  She has an amazing gift of thoughtfulness, patience and caring that enable her to offer support in a truly wonderful way.  
Javier M.
Just when life was turning most purposeless and confusing, Carley taught me there is a way of looking inside at all that mess, and turn it into peace. I feel like I have finally found the instructions manual for living.